Namaste and welcome!

My name is Amanda and I’m an Arvigo® Therapy practitioner and teacher. I also offer Holistic massage and Energy work in the Tradition of the Maya.


My story begins 20 years ago whilst I was bringing up my three wonderful sons. Being interested in complimentary therapy I used this time to learn about a variety of therapies and techniques that could help my children through their early years and beyond. When my children flew the nest I felt the calling to become a complimentary therapist and embarked on a life-changing journey.

On the insistence of a great friend Hilary Lewin, I attended an Arvigo® Therapy Self-Care Workshop that she had arranged, held in London. Here I met Diane Mac Donald, an inspirational teacher of the Arvigo® Technique. This workshop had a profound effect on my whole being, I felt a door had been opened for me, a way that would enable me to express my true being, what I was here to do, help others to help themselves.


I have been learning and developing my practice ever since. In addition to being a fully qualified Holistic masseuse, I have completed a number of courses with the Arvigo Institute and am one of the few Professional Care level teachers outside of the USA. I continue to teach the Self Care workshops and enjoy combining the energy work whenever that approach is called for.

In 2011, I travelled to Thailand and studied traditional Thai Massage with a fantastic traditional healer, Bann Hom who lives in Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand. I also attend workshops and seminars on a range of topics from the brilliant Integral Anatomy Somanautics Workshops hosted by Gil Hedley at St Andrews University to Advanced Abdominal massage and palpation with Marty Ryan.

I cannot express my gratitude to all these teachers; sharers of wisdom and knowledge, who have turned up in my life and exactly the right time.

Every client who walks into my therapy room offers me the gift of new learning so I personally thank you for your courage and commitment to your own health and wellbeing.


“I love where I am now, being in the position to be able to help folks get more connected with their whole being, mind, body and spirit.” – Amanda

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