Auric Harmonizing

Many traditional cultures worldwide, recognize diseases of the spirit as well as the body and are aware that there are both energetic and physical causes of illness. As I have been taught to practice Maya Spiritual Healing consists of prayer (appropriate to your faith) , herbal baths, and incense that serve to rebalance and harmonize the human aura or energy field so that we can attract good into our lives and repel what does not serve our highest purpose.

Modern medicine is beginning to catch up with the healing wisdom of ttraditional cultures accross the globe. How we feel affects how we function. Studies have shown that when we are happy we tend to be healthy. We now find clowns in children’s wards and pets in nursing homes. Neuroscience is beginning to understand and explore the concept that how we feel,  affects our actual brain checistry, and thereby our, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Traditionally the Maya people have used spiritual bathing as part of their healing practices. A spiritual bath is a method that can rid the body of spiritual dis-ease, by clearing stagnant energy, reconnecting you to the boundless Universal Energy and help remove obstacles that may be blocking your life journey.


The Maya refer to the divine energy that flows throughout our bodies as Chu’lel, in traditional Chinese medicine this energy flow is called ‘Chi’. A Spiritual Bath helps to restore and rebalance that flow of energy. By using the vibrational power of water to act as a carrier for the healing power of the plant world, affirmation and intention a Spiritual bath can literally wash away negativity, energetic blocks, fear, anxiety and general emotional upset.

This healing work addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of each individual in such a way as to return that person to vitality, peace and well-being. Thus, we are better able to lay down the baggage from the past to realize the fullest potential of a human being as intended by the Divine Creator.


Treatments are available in my therapy room located between Dorking and Horsham on the Surrey Sussex border.

What to expect in a dedictaed auric cleansing session

Together we will take a moment to set the intention for this ceremony.

You begin being brushed with fresh herbs, to remove negative attachments or energies, and enter a safe space created for you to hold the healing process.

After changing into a sarong, you are seated in in a peaceful space as sacred copal incense from Belize begins to drift around you. The practitioner directs this smoke around your physical body, moving the healing experience into the subtle bodies as a pulse diagnosis is made. Prayers, appropriate to your faith, are directed into the pulse points inviting the divine agents of healing into the sacred ceremony.

Each personalized bucket of water holds the charged plants and herbs which were gathered earlier in the day with gratitude, intention, prayer and reverence to aid in bringing their infinite powers to your bath. An aspersion begins with fingertips, bundled herbs or certain holy leafy branches opening the door to your own inner guidance.

Once the bath is completed, you sit in quiet meditation as integration takes place, followed by tea and light nourishment. This experience can be quite transformative, so please allow ample time to assimilate your senses.

Your Investment

Each individual session will take around 2 hrs and I encourage you to make a little time for yourself post the treatment to allow your body to assimilate the work.

I offer these healing sessions on a by donation.

Session benifits

Spiritual Bathing leaves a person calm, more centred and reflective.Each person’s experience will be their own unique transformation.


“It is folly to ignore the sacred in life or medicine. Skirting the spiritual has had a shattering effect on every dimension of contemporary existence.” Rosita Arvigo