Professional Classes

I am excited to be offering a range of Profession Massage training for the Abdominal Therapy Collective Inc

It brings me joy to witness our work reaching around the globe supporting practitioners and their clients in a profound way.

I am more than happy to travel to you to deliver any of the Abdominal Therapy Collective classes listed below, if this is something that would interest you please contact me.

Alternatively follow the links to the ATC website to find a local practitioner or training in your area.

Amanda demonstrating in class

Amanda’s Up and Coming Professional classes:

15th January 2022 – Abdominal Therapy for Professionals: Part 1

6th – 9th October 2022 – Abdominal Therapy For Professionals: Part 2

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals: Part 1, 4-day class

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals – Part 1

This is an experiential class, working holistically with mind, body and spirit.

This class focuses on the anterior part of Abdominal Therapy. It’s open to all professional therapists who hold a qualification in anatomy and physiology and are able to perform massage on clients within the legal requirements of their country.
While Abdominal Therapy for the anterior body is an effective stand-alone treatment, it is suggested that you complete Part 2, which allows both you and your client a greater insight and opportunity for whole-body wellness.

The Abdominal Therapy Collective offer a uniquely integrative approach to abdominal and pelvic health with focused anatomy and physiology webinars and in-person classes when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

For more information and to find a class near you visit:

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals: Part 2, 4-day class

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals Part 2

This class builds upon the foundations learned in Part 1.

You will learn the posterior sequence, giving your clients a greater opportunity to gain and maintain lasting healing. Working on the lower back, hips, and sacrum balances the pelvis and those organs contained within.

With the combination of Part 1 and Part 2, you will be able to offer a complete Abdominal Therapy treatment.

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Wisdom of Water Plant and Prayer: Part 1- 5 day class

Abdominal Therapy Collective: The Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer: Part 1

This class is open to all. You’ll experience how to use water, plants, incense, and prayer in spiritual baths and in your daily life.

Don Elijio Panti offered an integrated system of healing to his patients, this included energy work deeply rooted in his tradition. He believed that if the energetic body was out of balance this would reflect in the physical form.

Using the a simple process you will learn how to help to reharmonise the energetic system of yourself and your clients.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience your own daily spiritual baths, with time for contemplation and processing in a supportive environment. You will learn modifications and techniques to support you and your clients in your practice.

Open to those from all faiths and belief systems, you’ll gain a deeper connection to the natural world. The week will culminate with a sacred Maya Primicia ceremony.

This class is contraindicated when you are pregnant!

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Refresh, Rejuvenate and Re-connect – Professional Upskilling with the ATC

Abdominal Therapy Collective Refresh, Rejuvenate and Re-connect

Open to all ATC members – associates included.

This experiential, professional-level class is an opportunity to review the anterior and posterior portion of Abdominal Therapy as presented by the Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. (ATC)

Prior to class, you will have the opportunity to view two online lectures modules created by the ATC as part of their new ATC for Professionals – Part 1 curriculum.

Gender and Embryology and Tissue Release

These lectures will be covered in class as we think about how we show up as practitioners in the therapy space.

There will be the opportunity to review the new client documentation created by the ATC and hear how clients are responding to our new way of working, share our experiences of teaching YAM to our clients and hear what they think about the fabulous YAM journal.

You will receive an access link to purchase a PDF copy of both the ATC 1 and 2 Guidebooks (Manuals) direct from the ATC website. (sorry cost of guidebooks is not included in the workshop fee)

But best of all you get to hang out with your ATC family for a day of fun.

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