Arvigo® Therapy Self Care Workshop 27th ~ 29th July

Location: 10 Rectory Close Ewhurst Surrey GU6 7PU

Times: Friday 1pm -5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm.

Ut-Suit in action

This workshop is designed to support you as you really get to know your own body on a deep level.

Together we go on journey of investigation into the wonders of the human form and learn a nurturing Self Care massage to support optimal abdominal and pelvic function.

All participants receive a 30 minute individual educational session with me to deepen your own personal practice of the Self Care Massage. Your one-to one session may fall outside class times so please be prepared to stay after class.

This class is open to anyone. You do not need to be a health-care provider to attend. This workshop is for self-care only. It does not teach clinical applications. It is however a prerequisite for advancement to Arvigo® Therapy Professional Care Training Level.

All training materials and the class are in English.

Your Investment~

£282 : Tuition, a comprehensive manual, a free copy of  the ‘Journeys to Healing’ book, a light vegetarian lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Plus a registration Fee of $98 payable direct to the Arvigo® Institute to cover administration cost and a a tithe to support the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation.

Follow the link to book your place today!

Arvigo® Therapy Self Care Classes in the UK

I will email you with further details as soon as I receive confirmation of your enrolment from the Arvigo® Institute

” Most people think too much. Get them to laugh and half their troubles and sickness will go away and the blessed herbs will do the rest”

Don Elijio Panti


One thought on “Arvigo® Therapy Self Care Workshop 27th ~ 29th July

  1. I was just going through the feed back from my last class in Paris as there is nothing better than a personal story and recommendation.

    “I wanted to give you an update of my endometriosis after that divine self-care wknd you hosted in Paris in early April. I just finished my moon cycle (the first one after the workshop) and it was different from all the others in the past. I had almost no discomfort throughout the 5 days! Not that I had doubted it before but the Arvigo technique truly works!’ A Lui 2018

    There are still places on this class dont delay enrol today!


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