A Journey begins with a single step

11 years ago a great friend of mine invited me to a three-day workshop called Arvigo® Therapy Self Care.


Well I thought, what could this offer me? As far as I understood the class it was aimed at women who had menstrual concerns of some sort. I was in my late 30s, had three successful home births and three now teenage sons. Who could have known this would be the beginning of such an amazing journey.

This class literally changed my life, the whole workshop resonated deeply in my tissues, I met a group of women who would become lifelong sisters on this our adventure to bring this work over to Europe. I discovered that this class held information that was essential for everyone to know and understand. The benefits are far broader than supporting the female reproductive system.

This work helps to connect you to your own body…..that marvelous vessel that has been your companion since conception. I left with a much deeper understanding of how my own body functioned, what I could do to support it and a simple tool to help me on that quest to find inner harmony and balance.

For too long we have been taught that we are unable to care for ourselves, that others know best. I believe there is much we can do, knowledge is power, if we understand how our body works, what it is telling us on a daily basis then we can respond to those callings and give to our own form as we give to others.

Who is this workshop for?

Everyone with a belly; woman and men alike.

Age: 18 – 99

Why should you attend this workshop?

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to connect with your intuition, your power and your inner wisdom.

We demystify the basic anatomy of your pelvic organs, male and female and of course your interface with the outside world, the dynamic and marvelous second brain, aka digestive system.

The main focus of this class is to gift you a simple Self Care massage technique that you can perform daily to optimize and support the function of the abdominal and pelvic organs, digestive and reproductive.

This weekend offers you the space and time to experience on a deep and powerful level the power of your own two hands to heal yourself; mind, body and spirit.

What past participants say:

“I feel I have received a gift. Such a simple technique with such ancient roots. I feel empowered to do my Self Care with intention, most importantly i feel I can practice my Self Care today and every day forth”
BR Ewhurst Aug 2016

“I had never before connected with my Uterus, my uterus which grew and nurtured my babies. This was my opportunity to say thank you to her”
MM Jan Belfast 2017

“I have been seeing an Arvigo Therapist for treatments for the past 18months and now all she has been doing and advising makes sense!”
LH Jan Belfast 2017

“This class ticked all the boxes for me, a long soul calling has been fulfilled, although the journey has just begun”
KH Sept Ewhurst 2016

“It has been refreshing and life-affirming, this course exceeded my expectations on many levels. I feel I have gained a deeper insight into how I can support my own body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, Amanda can even make anatomy fun and interesting.”
EO August Brighton 2015



“Self Care is guaranteed to Cause Side Effects. Please check the following list and be aware that you might experience these symptoms: Joy, Serenity, Renewal, Creativity, Gratitude, Awareness, Power, Love.